Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sigh no more*

«há dias em que sonhar é nocivo»

E se déssemos o grito do Ipiranga a todas as fantasias infantis que nos populam o sonho? Não seria bom? Não seríamos mais felizes sem estas parvoíces na cabeça?

*Much ado about nothing, William Shakespeare


sancie said...


We can all do our share by not brainwashing our kids as we ourselves were brainwashed:P But alas, I fear it's too late for our generation.

We're doomed. DOOMED I say!!! *sound of distant thunder*


Tati said...

lá vou eu ficar ca musica na cabeça:
Siiiigh no more, ladies, siiiiiigh no more;
Men weeeeere deceivers eeeever;
One foot on seeeea and one on shoooooore,
To oooone thing constant neeeever;
Then sigh not sooooo,
But let them gooooo,
And be you bliiiithe and booonny;
Converting aaaall your sounds of wooooooe
Into. Hey nonny, nonnyyyy.