Monday, October 31, 2011

New series

I hate starting new series. Suddenly there's characters' names and personalities to learn and get used to, and new places and all sorts of things. Oddly enough it pretty much resembles starting to work in a shop around Christmas; everything's at full speed and everyone's too busy to show you the ropes but they all expect you to know where things are, what they look like, what they're called, and how to work the till. But this one seems to be worth the effort. At least judging but all the fuss I should think so.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The meerkat report # 5

Trouser shopping Or A morning in hell

I don't like to shop for clothes. Well, bottoms (trousers and skirts... and shoes). And no, there's nothing wrong with me, I just happen to be a woman that doesn't like to shop when it comes to the lower half of the wardrobe. Now imagine me having to do it in a foreign country. I was half prepared for it regarding shoeware from a previous experience (when shopping for new trainers the shop clerk asked me what number I was and my mind when blank. I had no idea and so had to guess.) but that was a pretty inocuous experience when compared to... trouser shopping. Because of the jealous fits of our washing machine (long story) and because I couldn't bring a lot of clothes when I moved in, my trousers were almost reduced to ragged shreds (more so than I'd like to admit) and so I simply had no choice but to endure what was a very nerve-wrecking and stressful morning. First, pajama bottoms. That was fairly straight forward as the whole section was categorized in S, M and L. The denim section, on the other hand, was pure hell. I couldn't make heads or tails of it (still can't). I found items marked with letters (S, M and L), and with numbers that varied from the one digit, to 10s, 20s, 30s and 40s. Now, you'd think "wow, that a pretty wide range!". Except it isn't! It's just that some trousers were marked with European sizes, others with American sizes and others with the UK sizes. Except most times it didn't say which was which! So I could fit a whole second person in a 16 but could hardly get a 27 past my knee. Bonkers, isn't it? Oh but it got better! I can't explain why (whether it was something to do with the cut or the fabric), but I couldn't button some 10s and 14s, but ended up buying a 12 that was considerably loose and baggy. What????? I don't get it, I really don't. And right now I'm just relieved that I got out of the shop alive and with all my wits (well....) and I'll just enjoy the fact that I don't have to think about it for a while (unless the washing maching goes mental again) whilst holding on the little hope that next time it'll somehow make some sense.

Damn right! ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is a new world indeed!

Today in Asda there was a huge cardboard box with the caption "Prepare for Winter". I went to see what was inside. The answer is snow shovels. Loads of them. I'm living in a place where there will be snow soon(-ish). Snow! Ha!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The parts left out

You can never be/have/do everything you want. Not at once, at least. Despite your best efforts 24 hours simply won't be enough, either that or the money won't stretch as far as you want it to. It's usually one or the other. Right now I miss singing and dancing like a part of me has been chopped off. I miss the challenge of a new choreography and all the steps to master a song and - eventually - a character. It's like something (deeply cherished) in me has died. And, oddly enough, that's alright. Because I traded it for something better. I chose to concentrate on finishing my studies and moving to a foreign country. In the process I met the man I believe to be the love of my life and we're now sharing a house. Our house (well, it's rented, but you get the point!). And one day, once things settle, who knows? I'll have some of those things back. I don't believe for real that I'm actually done with the stage. Now it's just not the time. Not because I don't want to, but because I choose it to be so by focusing on other things. Things that also matter. And such is life...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A year

A year ago this saturday I took a leap. I got on a plane alone for the first time in my life and then on a coach to Birmingham. And it was on that coach station that, as night began to fall, we had our first kiss, me holding a half eaten sandwich in my hand. It was the beginning of something wonderful and it's hard to believe that a full year has gone by. I was an amazing year, but it was also the hardest I've ever had. Having a long distance relationship. The death of a loved one. The part-time job. The internship. The report. Saying goodbye to friends and family. And now the loneliness of living in a foreign country. But it was also wonderful. Being loved by someone that means the world to me. Being accepted with open arms into a new family. Meeting new people. The part-time job. The internship. Finally being able to stretch my wings. Having our own place...

Now every morning when I wake up and see him lying next to me it's hard to realise that it hasn't really been a full year. That we haven't always watched tv on the couch after dinner or that we haven't always read our books in bed side by side... Wow... it's been a year... 365 days on saturday. And yet it feels new and exciting. And yet it feels like it has always been this way. It feels cozy and comfortable. And I just want there to be many, many more years. Together. Just like this.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Human nature

In love there is no greater fallasy than telling someone you will never hurt them. Because despite your best efforts eventually it will happen. And that's alright, it's just human nature. From time to time no matter how hard we try to prevent it, we will disappoint, sadden or hurt someone we deeply love. The key, the really important bit is what comes after. How we handle it. It's communicating, listening to the other person and making sure that the same mistake isn't made twice. The secret of healthy relationships isn't a lack of problems or rows, it's the learning how to deal with all the small issues and misunderstandings that might arise along the road.

What's life without a tapioca festival now and then?

Foreign Views

And/Or Whatever happened to Project 365?

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that starting another Project 365 was a mistake. The fact that my last attempt ended way before it was even halfway through should've been a strong enough indicator. The thing is even though I like posting pictures on the blog I hate the way they look here. They should be in a blog with no sidebar and a nice but unassuming template so that they can be focus of the blog itself. But since I like this place the general way it is and I'm all too fond of my sidebar, I decided to create another blog just for my occasional and amateur pictures. The title may change (I'm open to suggestions), but the general premises are pretty much set. A blog for pictures, trying to shed some light into aspects of living in a foreign country. Or just for my own personal enjoyment (hey, why not?). So without further ado here's the link:

Saturday, October 01, 2011

The floating pear

Right now my life feels a bit... uneventful. What am I doing? Not much, to be honest. I know it's not my fault, it's just the way things are at the moment. There are loose ends that need to be taken care of before I can embrace and live my new life to the fullest. And right now it's out of my hands. I'm waiting for a call. Literally. And I've made my peace with it. But still there's some little voice around saying I should be accomplishing more. And then I think of something like someone asking my dad about me and him answering "Oh, Jo's living with her boyfriend in the UK." And sounds grand, doesn't it? Not too shabby for someone who feels she hasn't accomplished much, huh? And then I realise just how silly I'm being. I'm living in a foreign country, for Christ's sake! Even if I'm not going much, that still counts! Even the simplest things took some effort and loads of concentration at first. Loads of them still do. And I'm doing fine, even despite the looming sense of utter boredom. So yeah, I decided to be more positive about it, even if it goes against my nature. I will be a floating pear of positivity! Hurrah!