Thursday, October 13, 2011

A year

A year ago this saturday I took a leap. I got on a plane alone for the first time in my life and then on a coach to Birmingham. And it was on that coach station that, as night began to fall, we had our first kiss, me holding a half eaten sandwich in my hand. It was the beginning of something wonderful and it's hard to believe that a full year has gone by. I was an amazing year, but it was also the hardest I've ever had. Having a long distance relationship. The death of a loved one. The part-time job. The internship. The report. Saying goodbye to friends and family. And now the loneliness of living in a foreign country. But it was also wonderful. Being loved by someone that means the world to me. Being accepted with open arms into a new family. Meeting new people. The part-time job. The internship. Finally being able to stretch my wings. Having our own place...

Now every morning when I wake up and see him lying next to me it's hard to realise that it hasn't really been a full year. That we haven't always watched tv on the couch after dinner or that we haven't always read our books in bed side by side... Wow... it's been a year... 365 days on saturday. And yet it feels new and exciting. And yet it feels like it has always been this way. It feels cozy and comfortable. And I just want there to be many, many more years. Together. Just like this.

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