Monday, October 10, 2011

Foreign Views

And/Or Whatever happened to Project 365?

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that starting another Project 365 was a mistake. The fact that my last attempt ended way before it was even halfway through should've been a strong enough indicator. The thing is even though I like posting pictures on the blog I hate the way they look here. They should be in a blog with no sidebar and a nice but unassuming template so that they can be focus of the blog itself. But since I like this place the general way it is and I'm all too fond of my sidebar, I decided to create another blog just for my occasional and amateur pictures. The title may change (I'm open to suggestions), but the general premises are pretty much set. A blog for pictures, trying to shed some light into aspects of living in a foreign country. Or just for my own personal enjoyment (hey, why not?). So without further ado here's the link:

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