Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back and around

I lead a small life. To many people I might seem weak and feeble. Kinda like a lone reed floating without a goal, without destination. Someone broken or under-developed. Childish probably. Lord knows I do at times. I have no idea where the hell I'm going and I beat myself harder than anyone ever would. But then there are those moments when I look back and around and realize how strong I am for being who I am, even if occasionally I do look quite breakable and insecure. How different things could've turned out. On so many occasions. And yes, it does look like I react more than I act, but even so I persevere. I doubt myself countless times, but I keep going - granted, moaning all the way - and I get me to the finish line. I doubted myself ever since I enlisted in this theater class. I never truly believed I could pull it off in a play. Specially not with this character. But I did. By hook or crook I nailed it. And by George I was good.

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