Friday, September 09, 2011

The meerkat report # 3

or How Waterstone's will lead me to bankruptcy.

One thing that is very hard to get used to as a Portuguese woman living in the UK is the books. In Portugal books are expensive. They're big, heavy not really user-friendly when it comes to carrying them around. Here they're a lot smaller, stupendously lighter and so, so much cheaper. But what I really can't get over with are the promotions. In Portugal you pretty much have the book fair and that's it! Books sold in little stalls with a 20% discount. And the whole things lasts about two weeks. Here it never goes away. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I enter Waterstone's because of the whole "3 for 2 mix and match". I just want to start grabbing books left and right in groups of three. And they all look so harmless with their pricetags with only one digit that you can't help taking at least three of them home with you. And of course, book stores are everywhere. And if it's not a book store, it's your local supermarket, like Asda with their "take 2 for 7 pounds". There's no way of escaping. So either I get a job soon or I'll just go under with all the book bills.

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