Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leaving and coming back

The UK is the place where I live. Portugal is my home. So far this is where I stand. In the upcoming years it'll slowly change and eventually I will feel like this new place is my real home (or so I hope so). But right now I don't. Not just yet.

I've spent a month in Portugal and now I'm back in the UK. Being back is nice. Leaving Portugal, however, was soul crushing. I dare to say that leaving the second time is worse than leaving the first, because you know it's gonna hurt, you've been through that before and so you know what lies ahead. I don't want to dwell too much on it (or I'll start crying again and I don't think I could take that), so I'll just say I miss the sunshine. And most of all I really miss my family. But as the new year approaches I have to start looking ahead and start planning and living a brand new chapter. A better chapter. My chapter.

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Tati said...

I can only imagine how you must feel.
I know how it feels to be new in a place, it must be very much alike. You miss the old places, the old faces, the old routine, though your grateful for the new experience.
You have a lot to learn, you feel weird, but hopefully in time you'll feel like belonging and feel home again...HOPEFULLY!!!

Till then hold on and be strong!