Saturday, March 31, 2007

Always ajar

Changed the locks and moved on. Life was good. Then you came again and swept everything off the table. How did you get in again? And unnoticed! One minute I'm fine and the next I catch myself thinking of you. No matter what I do you always find a way to sneak back in. It seems my heart is ajar for you and you come in and out as you please. This is not a playground, you know? I'm tired of feeling my heart welling up, bursting with sighs and fallacies of us. Go now, while I'm numb. Leave before the tears and all the mess arrive. Fly away and this time feel free to not send any postcards.

1 comment:

xary said...

you know what got stuck with me? the way you've put it. the words used. wonderful, in a sad kind of way.