Sunday, March 04, 2007

How to be good # 1

We said nothing for a while. He was in a North London kitchen saying nothing, and I was in a car park in Leeds saying nothing, and I was suddenly and sickeningly struck by how well I knew this silence, the shape and the feel of it, all of its spiky little corners. (And of course it's not really silence at all. You can hear the expletive-ridden chatter of your anger, the blood that pounds in your ears, and on this occasion, the sound of a Fiat Uno reversing into a parking space next to yours.) The truth is, there was no link between domestic inquiry and the decision to divorce. That's why I can't find it. I think what happened was, I just launched in.
"I'm so tired of this, David."
"Of what?"
"This. Rowing all the time. The silences. The bad atmosphere. All this... poison."
"Oh. That." Delivered as if the venom had somehow dripped into our marriage through a leaking roof, and he'd been meaning to fix it. "Yeah, well. Too late now."

How to be good, Nick Hornby


xary said...

paciência. é preciso ter muita paciência para aguentar ver estes sneak peeks e não saltar imediatamente para o livro em questão.

damn you. ;o)

beijos grandes *

e sempre espaireces das outras leituras mais maçadoras :)

marina said...

não vou ler porque está na minha lista =P