Friday, April 03, 2009


'You err most tellingly in failing to distinguish between my silences and the silences of a being such as Friday. Friday has no command of words and therefore no defence against being re-shaped day by day in conformity with the desires of others. I say he is a cannibal and he becomes a cannibal; I say he is a laundryman and he becomes a laundryman. What is the truth of Friday? You will respond: he is neither cannibal nor laundryman, these are mere names, they do not touch his essence, he is a substantial body, he is himself, Friday is Friday. But that is not so. No matter what he is to himself (is he anything to himself? - how can he tell us?), what he is to the world is what I make of him. Therefore the silence of Friday is a helpless silence. He is the child of his silence, a child unborn, a child waiting to be born that cannot be born.
Foe, J. M. Coetzee

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xary said...

"what he is to the world is what i make of him."
a primeira leitura não me cativou muito mas houveram excertos (como este) que me deliciaram. e depois de algumas cabeçadas, já posso dizer que gosto sem vergonha. ^^

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