Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well done sister Suffragette!*

NORA: [...] There is another task I must undertake first. I must try and educate myself - you are not the man to help me in that. I must do that for myself. And that is why I am going to leave you now.

HEL: [springing up]. What do you say?

NORA: I must stand quite alone if I am to understand myself and everything about me. It is for that reason that I cannot remain with you any longer.


HEL: It's shocking. This is how you would neglect your most sacred duties.

NORA: What do you consider my most sacred duties?

HEL: Do I need to tell you that? Are they not your duties to your husband and your children?

NORA: I have other duties just as sacred.

HEL: That you have not. What duties could those be?

NORA: Duties to myself.

HEL: Before all else you are a wife and a mother.

NORA: I don't believe in that any longer. I believe that before all else I am a reasonable human being just as you are - or, at all events, that I must try and become one. I know quite well, Torvald, that most people would think you right and that views of that kind are to be found in books; but I can no longer content myself with what most people say or with what is found in books. I must think over things for myself and get to understand them.

A doll's house
*Mary Poppins BSO

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