Saturday, April 03, 2010

Double standards on diaper duty

Here's something that I don't get and that really pushes my buttons at times: suppose my dad's watching football (say Benfica-Porto) and someone walks into the room to ask him to help them change my brother's diaper (or something of the sort). It's ten minutes till the end of the game. He says he'll come in a minute, right after it's over. No fuss. Everyone understands.

If I dare try doing the same with SYTYCD (which, by the way, is the only thing I do watch on tv) all I get is yelling and reproachful looks and comments. Why is that? Seriously?

And another thing: why the life-or-death urgency? It's just a dirty diaper! Yes it's unconfortable (and it should - and most times it is - changed right away) but it's not painful or life-threatning. And if he can get his ten minutes peacefully why is it that with me everyone acts like the damned thing is gonna turn into hot lava in a blink of an eye?

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