Thursday, April 15, 2010


There is none here.

I was talking to a friend of my mom's (weird saying that) and we came across this gap. Blogs and diaries and privacy. I guess it's an age thing. My family doesn't get this either. They feel all sorts of ackward with the idea of having their most private thoughts published. Of course, that's not what happens blogwise. I mean, one can control the privacy level of their blog (there there's none!), or one can simply choose to not publish. Or write about something else. Something silly and not personal.

Of course sometimes (once in a blue moon) I might write things that I'm not comfortable publishing. Those go into my diary (Yes, I have one and even though the first entry says 2008, it's brand has something like eight entries). But most times I have no issues with clicking on that nice big orange button that says publish message.

Diaries give me the creeps. They make me feel silly and very Rapunzel-like. I like to be out there. To feel I'm not locked inside some pages but instead I'm sending this (like Meg Ryan puts it in You've got mail) into the void. And someone might read it and even - hint, hint - reply.

I spend about sixteen hours a day with my computer on. I work, pause for five minutes, press F5, look at the monitor and go back to work. It makes me feel calm. It's like old ladies with cats and tv sets. Intead this is my window. This keeps me company and I don't feel alone because I'm always connected.

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