Saturday, November 05, 2011

Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon*

So today's the 5th of November and for people living in the UK that means fireworks. A lot of them. I won't bother with the explanation (loads of information on google if you're curious!). Now, as the few people ever to be around me during fireworks can tell, I'm a bit of a hot mess when it comes to loud noises creeping up on me. So you can see that the whole prospect of an entire night (and here night fell at around five) with all sorts of fireworks (most of them purchased in stores and supermarkets) exploding all over the place and most of them being handled by people with no sort of training to do so was kind of petrifying. And so I'm happy to report that - apart from a few scares now and then - the night went on pretty smoothly. We went to his school, he smashed some plates (there was a proper booth for it, he didn't just lose his marbles!), we had some samosas and a hot dog (from a set of booths from where emanated the most delicious smell of meat on hot coals, almost bringing me back to Santos Populares back home), we won some prizes, we stayed for a while, and then headed back home again for a cozy night in, hearing the fireworks in the distance. I loved it. And I guess I've lived through another English experience. Hooray! What's next?

*Fireworks, Katy Perry

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