Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today's my 26th birthday. The first of many since moving to the UK. It's a lousy, rainy day outside and I'm alone for the day. If I were to trust the information given by my own senses, I'd cry. I've I were to give them space my own emotions and fears would eat me up. The weather. Being far away from my family and friends. Being a year older and still not knowing exactly what the heck I'm doing with my life. All that could easily crush me. IF I were to let it. Which I don't intend to. Not today, anyway.

So, for today I decided to pamper me as best as I can. I grabbed my laptop and went in search of a nice and cosy coffee shop with free wi-fi (from where all this ranting is being typed). Then I'll take a stroll, do some shopping, head back home, watch a movie (probably a musical), read a bit and then start prepping something special for dinner. Maybe even get a small birthday cake with a candle, just to celebrate the day. That's it. That's my grand, magnificent day! So lets get to it!

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