Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet the übercautious

I grew up in a family of übercautious people. People that don't take a step before preparing for whatever might come. And I think it got to me too. A little at least. I prepare, I plan, I make lists, I make sure I can cope with whatever bad things might arise as a result of my actions. And at some point you just have to say enough! Have some faith and take a leap. If things go wrong we'll find a way to fix it. Cuz if you don't you'll spend most of your days planning your life instead of living it.

And now I'm moving to a different country, taking the biggest leap into the unknown ever attempted by people that share my DNA. And I'm excited, thrilled and scared. And I think it scares them too. The thought of me doing something so big. The thought of leaving them behind, of it all exploding in my face when I'm all alone somewhere so far from home. But the thing is I'm not alone. And I will be home. A new home. And I'm so thrilled about it that I don't really feel the fear.

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Tati said...

übercautious é giro.