Friday, January 12, 2007

Get away from my heart

I'm afraid of what you're doing to me. Of what you're making me feel. Stop it! Please undo it and go away. This melting heart of mine - take it with you and give me my old one back. These dreams that cross my mind, pictures of us through the years - rip them, burn them, bury the ashes. Nothing will grow of this. Not us! I won't have my heart skipping any more beats on account of you! This must end now. Stop invading my sighs. Enough of this need to embrace you! Of all the people in the world why did it have to be you? No, I will not settle with it. Somehow I'll scratch you out of my heart, of my head, of me... Somehow I'll make it stop...


sancie said...

Freaky things do sometimes happen. But i guess you're right, if u think u'll be settling, than to hell with it!!!


Anonymous said...

se pudesse ser assim tão fácil. dizer que não e a vontade se realizar. sem porquês nem mas nem se's. sem dúvidas. apenas não e a porta fechava-se.

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