Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Friends # 2

Chandler: Alright, so I'm back in high school, I'm standing in the middle of the cafeteria, and I realize I am totally naked.
All: Oh, yeah. Had that dream.
Chandler: Then I look down, and I realize there's a phone... there.
Joey: Instead of...?
Chandler: That's right.
Joey: Never had that dream.
Phoebe: No.
Chandler: All of a sudden, the phone starts to ring and it turns out it's my mother, which is very-very weird, because... she never calls me!

1 comment:

xary said...

freud rejubilaria nesses sonhos ;) haha

pessoalmente também não gostaria de receber uma chamada dessas de um familiar, quanto mais da mãe :P

beijo grande *