Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm beginning to feel like an oyster. (And yes, there is in fact a double meaning in that). A whole month indoors, virtually alone but for my closest family. It kinda starts getting to you. It's messing up my brain. The city is empty and the few people left are insanely busy. So here I am. Alone.

But that's not what this post was meant to be about. It's the shrink business. It's changing the way I perceive reality. I'm beginning to be more aloof. I frequently have flashbacks and I can spend hours on end mentally talking to an imaginary shrink, doing homework for the next sessions. Breakthroughs. And I get melancholy. A lot. Practically all the time. I dissect every relationship I ever had to exhaustion. I rebuild old broken scenarios, only to remember what did it feel like in the past. And I get nowhere. It's like personal therapy in circles. Round and round. Getting dizzier and dizzier but not wiser. Never enlighted. These are the stupid days. So glad I have the video to keep me busy or I'd think myself to craziness...

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Tati said...

Don't overthink. It will just make it worse.

Atão e o tal cafézinho q íams combinar?