Friday, April 22, 2011


Forgiveness is the christian value. It is supposed to set you free. Like a balloon that is untied from the brick that's holding it down. Right now I'm mad at someone. And though people tell me that holding a grudge won't take me anywhere and will only eat me from inside, I don't want to forgive. I can't. Because forgiveness means making light of something that really hurted me and should never have taken place to start with. Forgiveness means patting myself on the back and saying everything is alright when it isn't. Forgiveness is something people want from me so we can all be happy and merry again and pretend nothing ever happened when it did. Forgiveness means trampling the person that I am and saying her feelings don't matter and that she has no reason to be upset. And I deserve better.


Tati said...

Hi sweety,

I don't really agree. Forgiveness isn't making light of something that hurts you, it is admitting it hurts and that you're mad but trying to learn from that and moving on. It isn't saying everything is alright. It's "ok, you've done that, my trust in you is damaged but let's try again"(of course if the person keeps hurting you, you might as well say goodbye and wish her/him the best)but friendship without forgiveness isn't friendship at all. I would be very sad if by a mistake of mine someone would no longer be friends with me. But of course once again it always depends on the situations. It is always easier to talk than act.
But Manata be mad, be angry but then move on...don't let this eat your heart out. Don't let this ruin your sweetness...
Buy a Kinder freekin' easter egg!:P
(Just kidding)

WuTom said...

Forgivness is forgiving that person, not pretending that nothing happend but forget it so it never happened. We all do sin, we all hurt other people and can make the same mistakes they did to us. Not because we forgive but because He ( God ) has forgiven us if we ask Him for that. If God forgives us, he will never hold it against us again but its like it never happened. Learn to forgive so you can be forgiven and wont be judged by others.