Friday, April 01, 2011

Adventure is out there*

Sometimes I just want to skip ahead. There's so many dreams and so much love. So much for us to live together. And I'm stuck here. Granted, eight months have gone by, only three more to go. Granted, I have done a lot. Finished translation studies (in only a week, which makes me a rock star), started the internship, took 7 kg of my stuff to our place, worked in the book section at el corte inglés, did a Spanish A2 level course, met his whole family, he met mine, I bought a laptop and tools to help me get my life going once I move there. But still... I guess it's just sheer anticipation. The feeling you have the second right before you start running, before you make a big move. I want it all. Starting with living together and then moving on and on and on, all the way into a long and bright future together. And I can wait to start living it.

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