Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The book fair reconciliation

For several years after I started my major at Uni the book fair here in Lisbon held next to no fascination to me. It meant going up and down looking at prices that were outrageously high even with the fair discount. My profound dislike for Portuguese publishers probably didn't help. Here the books are enormous, heavy and very expensive. So in my mind all that was worth buying were dictionaries and books originaly written in Portuguese (because buying a translation, however cheaper, would be stupid!)

Last night I went there for the second time this year and, also for the second time this year, had a great time. I still feel the same way about the publishers, but am now expanding my purchase territory to translations from roman languages. And the fact of the matter is if I buy books in Portuguese, I might as well buy them where I can get a discount and a stroll with friends.

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