Sunday, August 07, 2011

Another celebration

We're reaching "one year since..." a lot now. Last week it was the dinner party where everything started to change. Today it's the first and only sort of date we had (we're that good). It was a saturday, we were going to a Star Wars exhibition thingy with friends, but decided to meet a few hours earlier, just the two of us, just to talk. A few hours afterwards we were walking hand in hand for the first time, strolling down Parque Eduardo VII. We said goodbye at the entrance of the underground, we hugged, we nearly kissed. And I arrived home with the biggest smile on my face and a glimpse of a great future. It's hard to believe that year has passed since that day. And what a year it has been :)


Rui Ramalho said...

One year! Gates of Hades, it doesn't feel that long. :) And what an amazing year it has been, my love. I remember that day well, how happy and bouncy it made me. Here's to many more, my lovely! MUAH!

marina said...

The greatest love story of my life also began with a stroll, hand in hand, ended with a hug and an almost kiss :)

It changed my life. Even if it didn't work out :)

All the luck for the two of you!


Tati said...

Congrats! That it may be just the beginning of a long and happy life together!