Monday, August 29, 2011

The meerkat report # 2

Sixth day in the UK. Today's cloudy and sunny (it kinda changes back and forth every twenty minutes or so). Am loving the experience so far. Me and the wolf are still in the process of making this house ours. Bathroom and bedroom are done and perfect for us. Today, if all goes well, we'll start and finish the kitchen. Since we only have one more week before he goes back to work, we'll start taking care of red tape matters really soon too. ...

It just occurred to me that these reports so far must look incredibly dull and "housewife-y" to most people. But you see, to me this is all fascinating. It's the first time I have a house of my own (or the closest thing to it), and so it's a complete new adventure. So keep calm and enjoy the ride or, as it was recently said in one of my favourites shows around here, "shut up [...] and get in the cupboard!"


Joo said...

I feel the need to leave a msg, i just read the last 2yrs of your blog (well ok, the english bits :) and i have to tell you what a lovely story your life has become. I remember those days, the waiting on love to find me...i have a blog with all those posts hidden away...maybe i need to repost them again. I love that you found love online, so did i, and we've been married for 2 years this Halloween.

and yes, please do keep hitler in the cupboard ;)

~ a Canadian admirer
ps. i am uber envious of your move, i would love to live in the UK.

joana said...

Ooooh... Thank you so much for the comment! I pretty much write for myself, even though I love knowing that people like this space. So thank you :)

And it's good to know there's a DW fan in Canada ;)

Joo said...

oh there are plenty of us closet DW fans in Canada, you can thank my husband for my addiction (as he sits beside me in his Tardis tshirt) ;)