Thursday, August 11, 2011

House arrest

These days are not fair. I have been indoors for months now, seldom ever leaving and only for a couple of hours. It's summer. It's hot and sunny. And I'm leaving in less than two weeks. For almost a month now I have been on babysitter-duty (the duty bit still a bit foggy in my brain, but that's a whole different story) for the tenth year in a row. I'm tired. I need air. I want to go outside, be with people, say goodbye, laugh a bit and talk a lot. I want to swim in the sea, to stroll around the city and go out to dinner. I'd love to enjoy a week of holidays, with time for myself. To relax and enjoy the city once again. Alas that's not to be. With only one week of freedom, I'll be huffing and puffing, running around like a headless chicken, trying to make as much as I can. And honestly, I deserved better.

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Tati said...

pois eu bem queria combinar uma praiazita antes de ires embora! não consegues mesmo dar uma escapadela? e um cafézinho antes de ires temos de combinar va ...arrasto-te para o magnetic pelos cabelos vais ver! lolol