Friday, November 27, 2009


So today I had a reunion. People I went to school with decided - thanks to the wonders of social networks like Facebook - to get together for a night out. It was weird seeing all those familiar faces after so long. To know what happened in their lives. Some people stay true to the course you thought they'd follow, some surprise you completely. And together (even though tonight there were barely twenty people) we have so much diversity: translators, biologists, psychologists, pilots, lawyers... And somehow - waaaay back in time - we kinda grew up together. And we look the same too; I look at faces and I immediately see someone that used to tease me for reading Harry Potter, or someone that sat next to me in English classes, or someone that once said lettuce was a nutrient. I look at us and realize we're still a bunch of kids. Yes, some of us have jobs, dress fancier, got our acts together, have cars, drink white wine... Yes, we're past the weird years, with all the hormones and acne. But deep down we stayed the same. And that's kinda comforting.

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batedor3d said...

Like you said.... it was nice after almost 5 years ( I think ) to see some familiar faces again, it's true that most of us did change and that is kind of nice to know. Now what really amazed me was how much some people did changed .

I guess hope isn't yet lost !