Friday, November 20, 2009

Julie and Julia

Today I went to see the new Meryl Streep/Amy Adams movie.

(Next paragragh contains synopsis or - to petty unforgiving people - spoilers)

The premise is quite simple: a sad and unfulfilled woman named Julie decides to create a blog and spend a whole year cooking her way through a cookbook written forty years ago by a woman named Julia, thus giving way to long flashbacks relating the beloved author's life.

All in all I liked it very much. It's your average feel good movie, which was exactly what I was going for. It has Meryl (always a nice plus no matter what it is she's doing), a steady Amy Adams, loads of food and an orange cat.

I admit I felt like I'd just stepped into a women only convention. No men in the audience. Not one. And honestly I get why; it's a movie for women.(All feminists out there - I'm not saying this just because it's about cooking, so no hitting me!).

It made me realize once more - not that I needed it - how much I love my own blog. How much this seemingly empty void means to me and the difference it makes in my life. And for that alone I'd be grateful. But better yet is fact that - thank God!! - it's not a movie about relationships. Praise the Lord!!! I've been craving a movie like this since... I guess since The devil wears Prada (and there's dear Meryl again!). Something light that doesn't rub the wonders of being in love in my face.

So thank you, whoever thought of it. It gave me a well-spent afternoon and something to think about...

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