Friday, February 05, 2010

The princess and the frog

I just came back from the movies with my aunt. We went to see The princess and the frog. It felt like a trip back to my childhood days. I missed the traditional Disney animation so much! It has songs, an adorable storyline, lovable characters and the old values movies from my time had. And it's a children picture, which sounds silly and yet it's so refreshing. The last traditional movie Disney made was Mulan, I guess (and that was what... 1999?). From then on came movies like Shrek, Madagascar and Ice Age that - despite being animated movies - were targeted to a much older audience. Just think of all the references!

So this one is a true pearl. It left me teary-eyed and I feel so happy little girls and boys can get a chance to experience what we had in our day. And thanks, Disney Studios, for bringing the old magic back.

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