Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tossing and turning

Right now is nearly six a.m. I'm at my cousin's. I feel like Robinson Crusoe writing this down. I can't sleep. Can manage elaborate thinking and yet a few things come to mind:

Why isn't there a lamp with a single bulb? Why is everything so chandelier-like? I can't turn on a light without waking up the entire house! Oh, by the way, my cousins are incapable of sleeping with the bedroom doors shut, so I'm writing this on cellphone light... pathetic... Keep thinking of that very nice flash light I have in my car and haven't used yet.

I'm lying on one of those pop up beds. My back hurts. And there's an extra bed that's all comfy and empty. Except they won't let me sleep in it cause it's in the closed veranda and it's cold out there. Which is a stupid argument, I mean, they let me sleep there in the Summerwhen the place's hotter than hell but in Winter when a person can adjust temperature close to perfection with the help of some extra blankets they say no!!!

I'm grumpy. And tired and bored. Experts say that at some point you should stop tossing and turning and go do something until you get sleepy. But what can a person do all by herself in the dark... (lets pretend here that you readers don't have dirty minds). I can't read (requires more light than to write), can't watch TV... What then??... Crap!

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