Saturday, March 20, 2010


People break. We say and do things and they get scratched, scared, and even broken. What we do affects them. Truth be told, no one can lead their life thinking that everyone around them is made out of glass. Nor can we spend life in a bubble or scared of getting our hands dirty or our heart broken.

So we break and get broken.

I was led into an epiphany today. And it's such a pity to realize that someone else's reaction might've determined the person I am today. My own reflection. The way I keep still when I want to scream. To jump. To... do.

This is not to say it's over. There - it's your fault. I'll never get mended, I'm ruined for life. No. But nonetheless you could've spared me all this patching and mending had you managed to be a little more tactful.

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