Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One way only

You see the world through your eyes and your eyes alone. You take measurements, you have your standards, your moral, your values and everything is judged by it. So I won't waste my energy trying to justify myself. To explain how you're seeing it wrong and being extremely unfair here. Why bother?

If you could read this - heck, if you could read even half this blog - you'd go beserk. Because you'd perceive this as blabbing. I'm saying to the world hey gather around and see how poor sad little me is being wronged. But the fact is I'm not going into any embellished whining. There's no details. Nothing about you and I said and done. All I'm writing about is how it all makes me feel. That's called therapy. Not holding it in. Not that you believe in any of it. So why bother?

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