Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Elinor mode and the reinvention of self

I've been on Elinor mode for almost four weeks now. (For those of you who don't quite understand what I'm talking about, just click here. Or suffice it to say it's a Jane Austen thing). It's insane! I've never managed to keep it up for more than 48 hours. And even then it was exausting. Keeping me under a tight leash is a tough job!

Sadly it's wearing out. And so comes a time when I have to reinvent myself again. I desperately need a new balance. I need to find time to do other things. To read, even if it's just ten pages a day. To take my great-aunt out for lunch on Thursdays. I can't manage pulling this rhythm up and then handling a blow like last Saturday's. I was crushed, depressed and crying my eyes out. Didn't sleep at all that night. I have to have people in my life. Friends, family and my own time out. Just work and musicals isn't gonna do it for me anymore. So I'll suck it up until my presentation on Roger T. Bell and then I'll click on my own F5 key and refresh myself.

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