Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Of honesty and thriller

I remember this father-daughter moment. We were by the balcony, he was smoking and imparting knowledge. Giving me advice, he said. The trouble with you, he added, is that you don't hide and seek. And in love people like the chase. You just give and say everything right there. With you there is no mystery and no excitement. He told me to change, to be more evasive and aloof. Time and again I tried to change. I got sick of it and gave up.

But guess what, dad? I don't need it. I'm outspoken and I don't pretend. I don't like playing games, I never have. I'm honest and true from the get-go. And someone will love me for it and find it just as thrilling. Or even more.

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Rui Ramalho said...

Some people live for the hunt. Its true. They live for the chase, the hiding, the camouflaging (does this word exist?...). Like the cammo shield the Predator has, making him transparent and invisible. Trouble is, these people - in my experience - focus too much on the hunt, completely, even. So whats left is a dashing, interesting person, that ends up being cowardly and mean, as they never really approach people. Honesty, truth, contact, these are what people should be, I trully believe. Welcome to the Dark Side, we have cookies. Mmmmmmmmm, cookies.... *Gargle, gargle, gargle* :)