Monday, November 22, 2010


Growing up I always had a very clear picture of what I wanted to find in a guy. Within the four walls of my bedroom and my boundless mind I dreamt and made lists. As time went by they grew longer and longer. That's wasn't so much because I was growing older and more articulate, but rather because I wanted to protect myself. By making it harder to find a match I somehow hoped to reduce my chances of getting hurt. I wanted someone compatible that would treat me differently than what I was accostumed to.

Then at some point, I started to lower the bar. Must haves became opcional features, boxes that might never get ticked. I wanted the perfect person, then a good person, and then a person. Oh Heavens, I thought, in the immortal words of Queen, "somebody find me somebody to love". Pretty please! And so it was that little by little McDreamies turned into Average Joes.

Then I met the wolf. A sparkle of hope was born. Little angels sang in my ear. I was amazed. Mankind had something to offer after all. Even to a meerkat like me. At this point the wolf was a beacon of hope and nothing more. He was far out of my league and that was it. (That and the small fact that we were living in different countries). So I started asking for someone that somehow resembled the wolf. Someone made out of a similar blueprint. I had a McDreamy again.

Nearly two years afterwards - on a bright strawberry season - things just changed between us. I guess it was just the right timing. Right now... what can I say? I've never been happier. I'm so lucky to have him by my side (even if not in complete a literal sense). And in the end I got even more than I've asked for. And far more than I've ever dreamed possible.

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