Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dinner and blessings

Yesterday I went out with former colleagues from my masters. It was good. It's been a while since my last dinner with friends. I missed it. And (being a little shallow and vain for a moment) sometimes it's nice putting on make-up and fussing about which earrings to wear. And it's great to know what's been up with their lives, to know there's people in same boat I am, with so much going on that time for readings is close to none. And to know which translation books and authors each one is exploring and exchanging tips and whatnot. Also, it feels very good recapturing my life for these past few months, even the bits to come I wasn't so into. Because it sorta makes you count your blessings so in the end you look at it and say Yeah, I did that or Yeah, it's going great and I have a sound plan. And it makes you happy and proud. And confident. And hopeful.

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