Sunday, March 06, 2011

A pink bubble at full speed

I'm overdreaming. These days I just can't seem to switch it off. I guess it's just a defence mechanism of sorts. I keep projecting and planning the future so I can forget the present. And so as it happens I now have mental pop ups in my brain about the most tiny of details. How to manage the coffee stash (coffee here being code for... coffee), furniture that can be moved around or purchased, oh and I should buy a corkboard to keep near the desk in the office, what sort of morning routine we'll have on weekdays and on weekends, we must buy a stool so I can reach the upper shelves, how to maximise storage in the kitchen, how to solve the whole dictionary conundrum and also I want a pillow shaped like a robot. It's nice to dream and all but this is starting to drive me mental. It's non stop. Like a life support system, as if by chance it were to get switched off I would be forced to face reality as it truly is with no pink bubble by my side and would then colapse and break down.

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