Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tv shows and Leamington Spa

In preparation for my big move to the UK on the upcoming summer, I started watching a bit more of BBC entertainment, the only English channel I can catch on my tv. Sadly what this really means is that I've been watching insanely huge amounts of The weakest link. (Why is it always on I will never understand...). It's far from being my favourite tv show, in fact it's only something I'd care to watch at 4 in the morning to get rid of insomnia. But it hasn't been fruitless.

At the beginning I could only fully understand the question after the answer was already given and most of what the contestants said throughout the show was utterly lost on the way to my brain. Honestly, some people's accents... But now... Now I get 98% of it all and can even get the questions at the same time (and occasionally even before) the contestants do. I have to say I'm beyond proud. But that's not even the end of it! Last night I surprised myself by instantaneously knowing that the answer to a question about some place near Warwick was Leamington Spa (of course the question wasn't that vague, which makes it even more note-worthy!). Ha! I'm one very, very happy meerkat right now!


Tati said...

You're the weakest link... goodbye!

só vi umas duas ou três vezes, mas a frasezinha...lolol... a senhora é mázinha!:P

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