Friday, March 02, 2012


Yesterday was World Book Day and I thought it shouldn't go unmentioned. In my opinion, it's been long overdue! It's a shame that we've been celebrating books for only fifteen years.

In my personal experience, books have changed my life completely, to a point where I can't even conceive the person that I am today without their influence. Every step of my life, through good times and bad, books have always been there. From a very early age they've provided a portal to countless realities and times. Books have taught me so much of what I know today. They've made me laugh, cry and think. Some have made me question my own humanity, posing hard questions to which all answers are impossible. They have stretched my boundaries and definitions of what is good, bad, moral, ethical and have shown me time and again how the world can be all sorts of different shades between black and white. I have traveled in space and time, guided by countless minds and voices. I am what I am partly because of the books I've read so far. And I believe I'm a better person than I would've been otherwise. And I intend to keep getting better and better, and reading more and more. After all, books make for extraordinary companions!

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