Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The changes of Spring

Winter is over. Spring is here. It starts today. And just like with the seasons, so it seems to be with my life. The new year brought great changes, sure, but it's now, today even, that my life seems to blossom once more. Today it all starts changing back to the way it was before I came here, and yet nothing will ever be the same. It's not just going back to the past, rather it's bring the bits of it back and incorporating them in my new life. Today I start driving again. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. To drive again. To get that little piece of my old life back. And that seems to be only the beginning.

Yesterday, as I was making my way home from the city centre, I noticed a new bar that just opened. To my surprise they have salsa nights and kizomba nights. I was gobsmacked! That was simply godsent! To have a bar close to home that just happens to have nights dedicated to the two major dance styles I used to dance back in Portugal... it hardly seems coincidental! But again, it doesn't stop there. It so happens that a dear friend of mine stumbled upon a website of a dance school in Brum. Not just a dance school, a dance school with loads of open classes, with loads of styles (jazz, broadway, bollywood, pilates, etc, etc) AND with a pay as you go payment option, meaning I would pay only for the classes I'd attend to and I could just pop in any time I'd like, which is perfect for someone who works shifts.

Yes, everyone. It seems this is it! If I'm mindful and treat all these blessings with care I can make myself happy and whole again and use them as fuel to help me achieve whatever is left on my list of dreams and resolutions. Spring is only the beginning!

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