Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The portable book nook

It's no secret that I love books. And even though I have no trouble reading pretty much anywhere I've been feeling the need for a special place for my readings. Somewhere comfortable where I could open a book (or turn on my kindle) and read to my heart's content. Much like Goldilocks I tried every spot in the house to no avail. The two-seat sofa wasn't cozy enough and I couldn't get into a comfortable position. The chair-bed didn't have armrests, so my elbows just stood in the air, holding the book until my arms got tired. And reading in bed always led to unwanted naps and made my days so much lazier. And it was a little sad that in my own home I couldn't find a place to read to my taste. So, the moment I had a little money burning in my pocket I decided it was time to fix this.

I knew what I wanted but I also had some limitations: I didn't have a lot of space and I was on a budget. So, after a long, long search on the internet I came across something called a moon chair. It had great reviews on amazon and so, since it was extremely affordable, I decided to buy one. I wasn't completely prepared for what followed. The delivery was surprisingly speedy (barely 48 hours) and when I got the enormous box inside the house I discovered layer after layer of goodness. The moonchair was easily folded and kept inside its own carrier bag (plastic with handles and very easy to put under the bed). I unfolded it and sat on it. I grabbed a book. And I couldn't believe it. It was heaven. The chair was low, so I was sitting close to the floor (which is a plus for me, being a short person). Being round it provided the perfect support of my elbows and arms and the level of inclination was perfect to that I didn't have to put too much pressure on my neck.It was if the chair was hugging me, like it was a coccoon, perfectly fitting my body. It was also very light and I could easily move it around the house and fold it again when I didn't need it. Which is never. I am always there now, every scrap of free time I get I grab my book or kindle and that's where you can find me.

I am beyond happy. Before I purchased the moon chair (or, as I call it, my portable book nook) I didn't even realize how antsy this lack of a place to read made me. How much I needed it. It might seem like it's no big deal, like I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but it turns out this was of the uttermost importance. Now I feel so much more at home. Because now there's a place for my readings (which are a significant part of my life), a place that is mine, created by me (well, bought, but you get the point) and for me. A place in this land where I belong completely. And I am happy!

Who knew a simple foldable chair could make such an impact on my life!

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Crafting Humanity said...

That looks like a great place to read!