Thursday, February 10, 2011

The King's Speech

Apparently thurday has become movie night. Today's treat was The King's Speech. All I have to say is: suberb. I have no idea who Tom Hooper is but I certainly like him. Very well done indeed! The soundtrack was a bit overhasty at times, but that's pretty much the only bad thing about it.

I loved Colin Firth, but then again, I always do. Was shocked last year when he didn't get the oscar (I'm sorry, I saw Crazy Heart and it wasn't all that good) and hope this year the academy comes to their senses. Magnificent performance, I say. Nerve-wrecking at times, which made it all the more brilliant to me.

Adored Geoffrey Rush, but then again, the same applies. To me the man is always brilliant and so far I have loved every single role I've seen him play (apart from the Zeta-Jones-Clooney chick flick disaster).

About to the others I have very little remarks. Helena Bonham-Carter will be Helena Bonham-Carter, and that's always good. And this time she decided to play nice, this being one of the least excentric roles I've seen her play. Very nicely impressed with Timothy Spall's Churchill. Also, a tiny part of me was sad we got to see so little of Jennifer Ehle, but oh well...

As to the movie itself - a must-see. The most adorable thing I've seen this year. Loved it, loved it, loved it :)


Tati said...

tb quero ir ver :)

WordsForTheHeart said...

I loved it when he'd curse to stop from pausing and stuttering. <3 amazing movie.