Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meerkat on the go

Today is sunday. About 10:30 am. I'm on a coach to Gatwick Airport after what has been - bar none - the best week of my life. Nearly two hours since I kissed the wolf goodbye. Now, after I've cried an embarassing amount of tears, the sun is starting to shine. Despite everything it's a nice day for travelling. It's heart breaking to be torn away from the arms of the person you love, but still - as I gaze upon this ever more familiar landscape - I see hope on the horizon. We survived another week together. We grew stronger, we made soup! More and more I feel that the path I chose is the right one. And when reality becomes too hard to face all I have to do is focus on the finish line. Because the truth is I don't want to go home, I only go because I have to. Because there are things that need to be finished in the motherland before I can strech my wings and claim my life as my own. Beside him. Always and every day.

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