Thursday, February 10, 2011

The little jealous bastard

I have a problem. My phone is a jealous bastard. Every once in a while it goes beserk and decides which calls and messages I should (or not) receive. It is enfuriating! And I've had it checked - obviously nothing was found to be wrong with it. One would think the bloody thing is doing it on purpose! Once I had the phone right by my side while I was studying, it was nearly 16h. Then at 16:10 I receive a message (how cheeky of it!) saying somebody tried to contact me at 16:09. Ridiculous, right? And the worst of it all is that ALL my phones eventually start doing this. It's like I have some kind of vibe that messes them up! Honestly, one of these days the stupid thing is going to have a very cathartic (for me) and lethal (for it) encounter with a sledgehammer.

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