Friday, February 18, 2011


I feel dry. Empty. I have given all that I had and now there is nothing left. Not even for me. It seems (sadly more often than not) that my life is not my own. That in the list of priorities I come last. And I'm tired of feeling used. I'm tired of giving up my life for people who clearly don't appreciate (or even acknowledge) the effort. I am hollow when - at this point in life - I should be bursting with life, stretching my wings, starting my life in so many new and different ways. And it's sad to feel over 50 when you're just about to turn 25.

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Tati said...

já me senti assim várias vezes, mas não vale a pena.
se conseguires fazer algo para combater isso força, senão nem penses mais nisso. só nos suga a energy toda.