Sunday, October 24, 2010

It takes a sandwich to make it perfect

I thought things could be weird between us. In person. We got so close on a virtual format that I feared some of that closeness might get lost when meeting face to face. And so when he rushed towards me my mind turned to jello and my body to stone. I had a cold and half eaten sandwich in my hand. I wasn't ready. I was supposed to have thrown that out and be holding a book. That's how things should've gone. Oh crap. Before I had time to react (in all fairness he spotted me first, so his brain had a couple more seconds to process it) I was in his arms. The sandwich still in my hand. It's silly, but for someone who dreamt about perfection for so long that tiny detail was getting on my nerves. I guess the perfect moments are never quite as we dreamed them to be. In this case, the stupid sandwich might just be something I will always remember and even cherish. Where was I going with this?...

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