Saturday, October 23, 2010

The proper speed of things

Sometimes people ask me if it isn't all going a bit too fast. No, not really. Even before I met the wolf I knew I'd fall for him given the tiniest chance. If opportunity ever presented itself it would happen. And it did. Of its own accord and timing. And things just flowed naturally. Effortlessly. Some might say I'm trying to make up for lost time. To them I say that is just bollocks.

I'm very happy. Things are going great. And there's no forcing or rushing anything. Things are what they are and they grow at their own speed. And we love it that way.

1 comment:

sahara said...

as coisas devem acontecer à velocidade que nos for confortável. sem pressões, seja de quem for. e mesmo que fosse por lost time, I'd say any time "lost" is making the Now worth it, is it not? :)