Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where's Dick Van Dyke when you need him?

I find Mr Banks (David Tomlinson's character in Mary Poppins) a great example. He is the sort of father that provides for his family, comes home, pats the children on the head, all nice and proper, and that's it. Then after a talk with a chimney sweeper and after being fired he realizes the importance of smaller things like flying a kite with his kids. Things get better because he decides to change.

But the sad thing here - in real life - is that he doesn't want to change. And so things can never change and get better. Because it takes two. I'm ready to be a different daughter, but I won't do it alone. This isn't Little House on the Prairie, you know! I'm not a cold person, I'm just detatched because I have to be. It's a defense mechanism. Funny thing is that it takes more out of me to be this way than to be the sort of daughter he wants me to be. Unfortunately, as Velma sings, but I can't do it alone.

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