Sunday, October 24, 2010

Round 2

That last post - adorable as it may be - totally got away from its original purpose. So let me start over:

I thought things could be weird between us. In person. We got so close on a virtual format that I feared some of that closeness might get lost when meeting face to face. You learn to love someone so much and yet there was no touch to go with it as the feeling blossomed. No looking eye to eye. No body language. What if my quirky self, my meerkatness was just too much when being the same room? I (we) had passed the point of no return. If things went bad it would hurt. A lot. So I was nervous. Afraid of the possible ackwardness and of a potential lack of chemistry.

Again, as it turns out, meerkat was being silly. It was never weird. Because where we're concerned things always flow so easily. It's like discovering I've always known how to ride a bicycle without ever having touched one. I just know. Because I love the wolf so much. And because we're just right.

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Rui Ramalho said...

Having you in my arms was just the best ever. I loved it so much. The meerkat is the best ever!