Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's just coffee

When at last my turn came, I stepped up and said: 'I'd like a large cup of coffee.'

'What kind?'

'Hot and in a cup and very large.'

'Yeah, but what kind - moccha, macchiato, what?'

'I want whichever one is a normal cup of coffee.'

'You want americano?'

'If that means a normal cup of coffee, then yes.'

'Well, they're all coffees.'

'I want a normal cup of coffee like millions of people drink every day.'

'So you want an americano?'


'Do you want low-cal whipped cream or regular with that?'

'I don't want whipped cream.'

'But it comes with whipped cream.'

'Look', I said in a low voice, 'it is six ten a.m. I have been standing for twenty-five minutes behind fifteen seriously indecisive people, and my flight is being called. If I don't get some coffee right now, I am going to murder someone, and I think you should know that you are extremely high on my list.'

Notes from a big country, Bill Bryson

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