Monday, October 12, 2009

Music- a troubled relationship

I love music. It just so happens that everytime I say it I feel like a fraud. Why? Because I seldom listen to it. Unfortunately I'm one of those people whose brain can't function properly if there's someone singing. Which sucks - big time! I dread the time I spend studying or reading all the more cause I have to spend it in silence. I've tried many times. Heck, I was happily listening to Queen's Dont stop me now until I started writing this and had to click on the mute button. It's no good. I simply can't have another voice entering my brain when I'm trying to think! So this means that I'm stuck with instrumental music. When I'm doing some kind of intelectual work all I'll allowed to listen to is classical music (which, granted, can be quite soothing), a jazz collection and a few yoga-ish cds. Needless to say that after the 13th time I can't stand it anymore.

I'm also quite the musical ignorant. And I'm okay with that. I never watch videoclips. I listen to the radio only when I'm driving (unless I'm getting sleepy; for that I must have The Beatles or Spamalot). When I actually do put on some music (meaning when I'm not working or reading or watching TV) it's usually some musical or other. Innovation has little meaning to me, music-wise. Basically, I add whatever I like from the Grey's Anatomy OST to my playlist and that's about it.

When I like something I can have it on shuffle for days until I can hear it no more. Ever again. The I move to another song (or small - and often random - selection of songs) and repeat the whole process. Again, again, again. And again. And that's the way I roll.

Nowadays I'm trying to walk a bit more. Weekly errands on foot. To college, to singing rehearsals, to the shrink. It's my privileged me-and-music time. Yep, all non-instrumental, non-musical, non-danceable music listening is done in this time slot. And it makes me happy!

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